Welcome to Semester 2 Book Project Wikispace!

25-50-100 Point Choices

Book Project Week Two Assignment:
  • Assignment must be completed by the group by Thursday, February 3rd at 4pm.
  • To complete this assignment, you will be replying in the discussion thread on your book’s page called “Reading Schedule.”
  • As a group determine a reading schedule for your book. The book must be completely read by March 4th.
    • You need to determine where in the book everyone is expected to be by February 11th, February 18th, and February 25th. The final deadline is to be completely done reading by March 4th.
    • In the discussion thread, everyone must participate and everyone must acknowledge (agree) that they will follow the schedule.
    • The reading schedule is necessary to help determine assignments for the following weeks.
    • Your schedule should state the pages and chapters that everyone is expected to read.
  • Points: 10 points

Week One Book assignment:

Due Friday, January 28th by 11:59 pm

Points: 10 points
On the discussion page for your book, please post a discussion thread:
  • Call the discussion thread Last Name, Week One (Smith, Week One)
  • Introduce yourself to the other members of the reading group (keep it appropriate)
  • Explain why you are interested in reading your book
  • Discuss what you think is interesting about the time period in which your book is set
Also, please reply to the other people in your group’s Week One postings. Get some discussion started. All discussions must be classroom appropriate.